Our origins lie in three generations of ship owning within the Oldendorff family and at Reederei Nord, giving us insight across the whole supply chain, it’s architecture and the challenges and opportunities within it. Spun out of the shipping side, Amplifier approaches the supply chain as an interconnected ecosystem, investing into disruptive maritime, logistics and mobility tech.

Working alongside industry partners, from freight, warehousing, shipping and automotive, our aim is to achieve long-term impact by driving innovation back into our domain, finding new opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Christian Oldendorff, Founder and Anchor LP

Targeting $Trillion industries with major global impact makes for an exciting space to operate. With disruption delivering impact and ripple effects that can be felt across global trade (90% of all goods are moved on the ocean), as well as entire financial and environmental economies (US$19.3BN of cost savings in the supply chain linked to 633 MtCO2e in annual emission reductions 2018). Despite this VC investment in our space has in the past been more limited than in others, with only 7% of committed early stage capital in 2018 applied to logistics, driven in part by the need for deep domain knowledge and industry integration. Something we are very lucky to have.

As a Seed and Series A fund, we are investing in early stage companies and technology. With tech adoption and innovation cycles in the supply chain at least 5 years behind other industries, start-ups are attacking the space with pre-validated technology, reducing the risk for this Seed level investment.

But as always we keep our eyes open, constantly discovering and testing new solutions at the cutting edge.

Innovation can be encouraged, but it is a mistake to think that it can be planned, predicted or summoned to order. It is a thing that emerges from an ecosystem of experimentation, in unexpected ways.

Henry Palmer – Principal

We are excited to be here and would love to hear from you whether working with a leading industry player or just launching your own start-up. Let’s connect and together share ideas, collaborate, build and invest.

Contact us at sayhi@amplifierlab.io

Send in your pitches here!

Early-stage venture capital fund, investing in disruptive mobility and logistics tech across the supply chain. www.amplifierlab.io

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