Connectivity in the Supply Chain

As the world is becoming more connected, the way we communicate, and transfer data is becoming of vital importance. The big question in supply chain is how to transfer information from one end to another in real time, secure and in an affordable way.

We know that there is no single solution for all but a combination of multiple layers, depending on the environment and use case. A vessel in the middle of the ocean would either require satellite connectivity or to be part of a mesh network in order to extend the reach of on-shore wireless networks. While a truck, driving in remote areas and in inner cities would probably benefit from a combination — switching from one source to another seamlessly and without delays.

We see some enabler technologies relevant to our investment verticals. These are hardware or software solutions covering satellite, sensor, wireless and mesh network technologies. Each mentioned technology is required to make a globalised world more connected. There are many companies working on single solutions for a specific use case, but in the end the combination will make the difference on a global scale, especially in the maritime industry. A fair point to mention is that all kind of communication technologies will sooner or later become more affordable and therefore more accessible, but until then someone has to challenge the status quo.

As early stage investors, we are open to discover new inventions and disruptive technologies who open up a new stream of possibilities.

For further insight listen in as Tom Freeman - Snr. Vice President at Kymeta (satellite tech company) and member of our Technology Alliance - shares his views on trends to come.

By Wesam Iwas, Investment & Venture Development Manager at Amplifier

Early-stage venture capital fund, investing in disruptive mobility and logistics tech across the supply chain.

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