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Early-stage venture capital fund, investing in disruptive mobility and logistics tech across the supply chain.

Our six-month fellowship program is designed to help talent break into venture capital, join one of our portfolio companies, or even build and launch their own startup. We value diversity of thought and welcome the go-getters, the visionaries and the outsiders!

We have been lucky to have some great talent through our doors over the past couple of years. So, before you consider applying, we thought you should meet two of our recent team members and discover what they learnt while with us.

Tristan von Stolzmann

Tristan joined us in 2018 after completing an internship at Google in Paris. Today he is an…

When we know more about outer space than our oceans, it’s a problem. Especially since over 90% of the world’s trade is transported by sea. Read on to catch a glimpse into Amplifier Ventures’ strategy and why we chose to invest in the SaaS platform Nautilus Labs.

Today, it would appear that when it comes to exploration and innovation, more public attention is given to SpaceX and NASA’s Mars programmes than our own oceans. There are some obvious reasons for this. Firstly, who doesn’t like a great big rocket? Secondly, it motivates us. …

Why would a supply chain VC invest in a robotics AI startup? We explain how important the impact of AI in robotics will be for logistics and look at the barriers to adoption for end-to-end automation.

© Micropsi Industries

For most people, on hearing that we invested into the robotics artificial intelligence startup Micropsi Industries, the reaction is either to express fear of the rise of the machines, or to excitedly ask how soon we can expect robots to be serving us our breakfast.

At Amplifier, we are certainly in the excited camp, but for very different reasons. While most people radically overestimate…

To support Amplifier’s growth and our continued investment in the supply chain, Siobhan Brewster has joined Amplifier as Partner. She has roots in private equity and real assets before transitioning into angel investing and early-stage VC over recent years. After stints in New York and Mexico City, she is now working with us from Berlin. Siobhan is an expert on fund management, infrastructure and energy investments. We are excited to welcome her to our team!

Teotihuacán from above (Photo by Siobhan Brewster)

Q&A with Siobhan Brewster

How would you describe yourself in one tweet?

I am an intellectually curious nomad, always excited about a new idea or a different way of…

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected supply chains and disrupted manufacturing operations around the world. Lockdowns forced people to rely on online services, whilst many companies and SMEs couldn’t complete their orders for lack of parts that would usually be shipped in from other countries. Here we take a quick look at the effects of the pandemic on the global supply chain up to now.

Figure 1: Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

COVID-19: A black-swan event?

The concept “black swan events”, was first defined by Nassim Taleb in 2007; “First, it is an outlier, as it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to…

Picking the right partner at the dance is not always easy …

Advice from a venture capital investor to start-ups (pt. 1)

When it comes to the Due Diligence (DD) of startups, there are many aspects and documents you need to look at as an investor. For this post, however, let’s focus on cap table, who is in the on list and how it is strucutred.

In short, the cap table is a list made up of all the names of the existing shareholders, along with:

  1. Stage of investment
  2. Stock class (common or preffered)
  3. Stock authorised and price paid
  4. Valuation at each stage and dilution over time
  5. Any outstanding convertible loans or…

As the world is becoming more connected, the way we communicate, and transfer data is becoming of vital importance. The big question in supply chain is how to transfer information from one end to another in real time, secure and in an affordable way.

We know that there is no single solution for all but a combination of multiple layers, depending on the environment and use case. A vessel in the middle of the ocean would either require satellite connectivity or to be part of a mesh network in order to extend the reach of on-shore wireless networks. …

Digitalisation is waking up the shipping industry. Innovating and reinventing entire operating models. Take the huge increase in the volume of available maritime data — it allows the development of deep and machine learning and applications to enhance everything from vessel performance to asset-backed lending.

This change is set to redefine the boundaries of the industry itself. Creating entirely new and alternative opportunities for future growth and sustainability. Removing shipping from it’s silo and placing it within the interconnected ecosystem that is the supply chain.

We see our domain as interconnected. Any good or product does not know the difference…

Put simply, we invest in the movement of things — venture capital for the supply chain.

Our origins lie in three generations of ship owning within the Oldendorff family and at Reederei Nord, giving us insight across the whole supply chain, it’s architecture and the challenges and opportunities within it. Spun out of the shipping side, Amplifier approaches the supply chain as an interconnected ecosystem, investing into disruptive maritime, logistics and mobility tech.

Working alongside industry partners, from freight, warehousing, shipping and automotive, our aim is to achieve long-term impact by driving innovation back into our domain, finding new opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Christian Oldendorff, Founder and Anchor LP

Targeting $Trillion industries with major global…


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